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Our Premiere Event

“Kofi’s Story”, Kent Opera's dramatic tale of a young person caught up in knife crime, premiered in December last year at The Prince’s Trust South London Headquarters, in front of an invited audience, which included Neve Conlan who had directed and produced the film. Kent Opera’s chair, Robert Lacey, welcomed guests before the preview, after which he was joined on stage by David Williams, our Musical Director. David works directly with young people at risk to...


Kofi's story - an educational talk

Kofi’s Story — Kent Opera's real-life dramatisation of a young man caught up in knife crime — premiered at an event hosted by The Prince’s Trust just before Christmas 2023. The enactment of the true story, which was directed and recorded by film student Neve Conlan, was the culmination of our 2023 campaign “Lives Not Knives” to fight weapons with words. Our campaign objective was twofold – to work directly...


Kofi's Story

Our short film is the culmination of our 2023 Campaign — 'Lives not Knives'. The drama tells the real life story of a young man caught up in knife crime — and how two lives were lost in one day. Acted by William Barnor, ‘Kofi’s Story’ was directed by film student Neve Conlan, and edited by Danylo Borodai, a young Ukrainian...


David reflects on his first restorative workshops

With our Knives not Lives campaign underway David reflects on the initial restorative workshops hearing of the devastation caused by knife crime but how intervention such as ours can help young people.


Our New Campaign Launches this Week

Last week we officially launched our 2022 Campaign in Brixton - Lives not Knives. From this week onwards we will run a series of restorative workshops with young people, facilitated by Dr David Williams, with the aim of educating participants and gaining insights which will be used to help others at risk.  


Kofi’s Story

  Our short film is the culmination of our 2023 Campaign — 'Lives not Knives'.   The drama tells the real life story of a young man caught up in knife crime — and how two...


Covid postponement

POSTPONED What do flowers, greenery and fresh air – the joy of nature in the urban jungle – mean to us? We have gained a new appreciation for all this during the months of COVID? We are thrilled that Southwark Charities has offered us the chance to stage an autumn production in the garden courtyards of their almshouses at Edward Edwards’...


Our last production – Hamlet

Kent Opera’s high-energy Hamlet, “a 45-minute roller-coaster". Kent Opera’s Hamlet was a dynamic piece of physical theatre at the Westminster Chapel which included mime and clowning as well as iconic text from Shakespeare’s play. The famous words from the play were set to music by one of our participants and all cast members took on Hamlet at some point in his journey.  Director Kate...